Get Back in the Fitness Groove

The holidays are the best. If you are like us, you probably laid around, took some naps, ate comfort food, and purposely stayed relatively sedentary over the weekend. Rejuvenation at its finest... Now is the [...]

CrossFit Coaches are there for YOU

If you are thinking about joining CrossFit or are a new athlete to this type of workout, we encourage you to listen closely to your coaches. They know a lot more than you do and [...]

Pre-Workout Snacks

Here are a few pre-workout snacks that can help boost your energy: Eat a banana before you work out. They are packed with vitamins and a small amount can fuel you through your entire workout. [...]

Crawl Before You Walk

" The air squat and the back squat are the exact same movement, except for on the back squat you're holding a barbell." - Coach Matt Crawl Before You Walk This is a saying we [...]

Looking for a Fun and Friendly Gym?

Ready to make a healthy commitment to yourself? At CrossFit Southbell we thrive on building personal relationships with our members. We would love for you to schedule your Free Consultation - it's always Free of [...]

Your Resource for Performance Based Fitness

Check the CrossFit Journal for information on a wide array of topics including exercise technique, nutrition, injuries and rehab, equipment, coaching and more!  

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