If you are thinking about joining CrossFit or are a new athlete to this type of workout, we encourage you to listen closely to your coaches. They know a lot more than you do and really care about your safety.  At CFSB, we have beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes working out at the same time, doing the same WOD.  On the whiteboard, the WOD is written out showing the appropriate movements, weights, etc. for the different levels of each athlete.  You do the workout that is right for you.  If you are not sure which category you fit into, ask your coaches.  If you have questions about anything at all, ALWAYS ask your coaches.  They are there to assist and guide you towards reaching your goals in a safe and progressive way.

Once you have worked at your particular level over a period of time at which point you feel stronger and more confident and able to move to the next level, talk it over with your coaches and decide together whether you are ready to move on or you need to continue at your present level for a bit longer.

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