CrossFit Lite is designed from its inception to be an amazing fitness program for those starting or getting back into fitness after a long time off. Although everything we do here at CrossFit Southbell is customized to better suit the individual, the workouts in CrossFit Lite are built around the concerns and needs of brand new participants. Favorable adaptation is the goal of all fitness programming, but for it to occur the program must challenge the participant at the appropriate level, hence CrossFit Lite. We accomplish this through the appropriate amount of work, appropriate amount of challenge, and low complexity movements.

I can geek out on programming but the right workouts will only take you so far without great guidance and atmosphere. With a well-experienced yet empathetic coach leading every workout you have the guidance you need and the chance to ask all your questions about how you should feel, why are we doing this, or the ever so important, “Am I doing this right?”

Working around people bent on ignoring you or hoping you don’t get in their way is going to hold you back. If you’re not aware of this it’s probably because you’ve never worked out together with a bunch of friends. Sweating, huffing and puffing, trying new workouts, and in the end succeeding together will take you further and make it easier to push yourself.

My last point would definitely be the universal scalability of all types of CrossFit programs. The more you do CrossFit, the more abilities and capacity you gain. After a short time of participating in CrossFit Lite one will fit right into a regular, full on, CrossFit class.

So if you’re on the fence about getting back into it, or know someone who is, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a better start than CrossFit Lite.

Author: Matt Olaiz CFL1 Trainer

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