” The air squat and the back squat are the exact same movement, except for on the back squat you’re holding a barbell.” – Coach Matt
Crawl Before You Walk

This is a saying we all can relate to. When learning something new, we are taught to begin with the basics. It’s a phrase that reminds us to build a firm base before moving forward with anything in life. The same is true with CrossFit. We see those athletes at the box who seem flawless when lifting heavy weights. We are in awe of those athletes on ESPN fighting for the title of “Fittest on Earth”. They lift massive amounts of weight with beautiful form. It is easy to think that they just started out flawless; they have the ability to lift heavy and move in ways we feel we may never be able to move.

Well, one thing is for sure. All of the athletes who are lifting heavy and moving well crawled before they walked. They practiced the basics over and over before even thinking about adding load. They practiced (and continue to practice) mobility drills and stretching. They incorporate the body weight basics, like air squats, sit-ups, ring rows, and hollow body holds into their daily routines. They spend time in positions like downward facing dog, pigeon pose, and couch stretch They are all about mastering the basics because they know it will strengthen their form and technique, leading to further fitness increases.

CrossFit Southbell Trainers are dialed into this phrase “crawl before you walk”. We understand the need for full range of motion before adding load. We know that, in order for our athletes to be successful, they need to successfully train the body weight movements and then add load. Personal Training is a great way to work with new and seasoned CrossFitters. One-on-one time allows the trainer and athlete time to break down movements, find faults, and build solid form. Small group classes also give Trainers the opportunity to fine tune range of motion issues and form, leading athletes to meet their goals.

Below is a YouTube video from our CF Southbell Library. Here we review the basics of the air squat. The air squat is the base movement of the back squat (photo of Coach Matt above). Check it out and practice at home.

Learn the Air Squat