The holidays are the best. If you are like us, you probably laid around, took some naps, ate comfort food, and purposely stayed relatively sedentary over the weekend. Rejuvenation at its finest…

Now is the time to get back in the fitness groove. If you’ve missed the gym for a bit, now is the perfect time to jump back in and continue training towards your goals….because they won’t meet themselves.

Below are some tips  to help you get back on track.
1. Begin with simple stretching.

Mobility and Stretching Tips
2. Sign up for classes to hold yourself accountable. Show up a few minutes early to mobilize and get moving before class starts. Take it easy if you’ve been out of the gym for a bit. Opt for the Fitness option rather than RX for a few weeks so your body can progress safely.
Sign Up For Classes
3. Go to the grocery store TODAY and get back on the clean eating train. There is no excuse to continue indulging in sugary, fattening and high calorie treats any longer. If you have unhealthy foods at home, get rid of them and start your clean eating program again. Wait until New Years Eve to enjoy another alcoholic drink. See below for a sample Whole 30 grocery list. Take it to the store with you today.
4. Remember Your WHY.
Why did you commit to training at CF Southbell? We set goals together, Coaches check-in with you, we want to make sure you succeed. But that success (of lack of) really boils down to you. You are in control of your journey. We are here to guide you, give you tips and tools along the way and train you to our best ability at the box. Think back to your WHY and don’t let it slip away.
Ready to create new goals? Join us next Saturday, Dec. 31, at 10:30am (after the 9:00am Free Community WOD) for a Free Goal Setting Talk led by Coach Jescelyn.Create a plan of action to tackle your 2017 goals! Register below. Non-members are welcome to join.
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Have you joined us for a Free Community WOD this month? Did you love it? If so, your next step is to register for a Free Initial Consultation. Meet with your CrossFit Coach to complete body composition and fitness assessments. Review your health history, current exercise regimen and nutrition program. Discuss your fitness goals to design a workout plan that will best suit you. Sign up for a consultation that fits your schedule this week so you don’t miss out on getting a Free T-shirt and Hat!
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See you at the Box,

Southbell Fitness Team
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