Since July 2015, CrossFit Southbell has been honored to partner with the Wounded Warrior Project in the journey of offering high quality, safe, effective, and fun fitness and wellness services to Veterans who left the service due to injury.

CFSB has consistently worked with WWP participants, both veterans and caregivers. On average, participants have joined Group CrossFit classes or Personal Training sessions two times per week. We have been able to spread the positive benefits of exercise and a healthy social community with these participants. Some warriors have participated in personal training due to an injury history or mental illness that limits their participation in group training. Most warriors have completed our beginner’s course (on-ramp) and have successfully moved into group CrossFit classes.

Intellectual Wellness: Warriors and caregivers found an approach to exercise that is positive and community driven. They came in nervous, but developed an open mind to understanding the link between community in CrossFit and community within their military branches.

Physical Wellness: Warriors are proud of the strength they have gained through exercise. Some Warriors and caregivers have participated (and won 1st place) in local CrossFit Competitions and most Warriors completed the 2015 CrossFit Open with CFSB. Nutrition has been a large component of the program, as well. Participants have completed several 30 day health challenges that include nutrition recommendations, group accountability, and CFSB staff involvement.

Occupational Wellness: Caregivers have adopted a sense of strength and personal ability in their work outside of the gym. They are proud of taking care of Warriors who might need extra assistance at home. They have learned how to eat healthy and prepare healthy meals by participating in our quarterly health challenges. By exercising and learning healthy lifestyle tips, they have gained strength that aids them in assisting warriors at home.

Social Wellness: Warriors found a place they call their “second home”. They show up early and are the last members to leave the gym. They enjoy the social and positive atmosphere that CrossFit Southbell provides.

Mental and Emotional Wellness: some benefits include a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Warriors are comfortable in our environment and trust the fitness trainers and members. They feel at ease in a group setting after years of staying home due to PTSD, anger, depression, and pain.

Spiritual Wellness: Warriors met at CrossFit Southbell and have created a bond outside of the gym. Some are now going to church and bible study together on a weekly basis.
Wounded Warrior Program Testimonials

1. I have noticed an improvement in my back; it feels stronger. It (CrossFit) has helped me mentally. My partner and I finally found something we enjoy doing together and this has brought us closer. I am feeling good about myself. – Salvador Hernandez Wounded Warrior
2. My running has improved; I don’t get tired as fast. My self-confidence has boosted since I joined CrossFit Southbell. I’ve gotten a lot stronger mentally and physically in which I feel I can do more inside and outside of CrossFit. – Michelle Driotez WWP Daughter (Christian Driotez)
3. Since I started at CrossFit Southbell I have noticed a change in my energy and eating habits. I feel good mentally and emotionally. I noticed a change in my body; I have lost weight and my clothes fit me better. I am happy. J – Connie Hernandez WWP Caregiver (Salvador Hernandez)
4. I now have a more positive body image; both mentally and physically. I have more self-confidence and have learned about healthier nutrition choices. – Jennie Driotez WWP Caregiver (Christian Driotez)
5. I have noticed a big improvements in my flexibility which has helped me in daily movements and activities. Mentally, I am becoming more confident being around others and interacting more. I am feeling better and more positive about losing weight and not re-injuring myself or making my current injuries worse. The environment at CrossFit Southbell is very positive and very friendly and the coaches make it less intimidating. – Chris Driotez Wounded Warrior
6. Since our family joined Crossfit Southbell, we individually have gained more self-confidence and feel like it’s a team environment rather than just a place to workout. The coaches and other members are so positive and inspire you to achieve without negative thoughts of failure. Everyone knows each other and regardless of your fitness level, medical limits or mental barriers; they find a way to fit you in and make you feel comfortable. The biggest part is nobody judges you. – Christian Driotez GySgt USMC (Ret)

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project as we bring health and happiness to those in need via fitness and wellness services offered at CrossFit Southbell.

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